I’m Sita Rajprem Kaur, and I’m the founder of Soul Awakening School, the I AM Kundalini Mentorship Program and Kundalini Activation Tours. As a mentor, teacher and intuitive healer, I will support you to release habits, behaviours and limiting beliefs

that no longer serve who you are becoming. 


What I am most passionate about is helping women

master their energy to embody the sacred, feminine power within them.


I support you to move beyond your self-created limitations, and to discover your true potential. I share techniques to assist you to anchor your intuition through

 self-awareness, self-care and self-love, and provide you with meditations and breath work

that will help you to master your energy, create healthy boundaries and live your full potential.

The end result?


You become the leader of your life, the master of your destiny,

and live the life of your dreams!


For 18 years, I practiced as a Registered Massage Therapist, and spent over 20 years studying internationally with Master Teachers in Yoga, Meditation, Psychology, Addiction Therapy, Spirituality, Energy Healing and Belly Dance. I am a certified Hatha Yoga and KRI Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and I specialize in Sacred Women’s Circles.


In 2005, I was Initiated into the Mystery School on the Nile in Egypt. This experience awakened within me the ancient teachings of the evolution of humanity into the Aquarian Age. I lived and trained at the Osho Meditation Resort and Isha Yoga Center in India, Humaniversity in Holland and Shambhala School of Consciousness in Glastonbury, England. 


I overcame 24 years of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety and panic attacks through intense self-study, emotional release therapies, meditation, energy healing and Kundalini Yoga. I am happily married to a man that supports me, wholeheartedly, and loves me unconditionally. He inspires me everyday. He is the love of my life, and I feel blessed to share this journey with him.


I believe that each of us has a Soul Purpose that is calling us. When we let go of our limitations and heal the roots of our suffering, we can align with our unique destiny and be fulfilled. From this fulfillment, we can lead by example and create an inspired world for our children and future generations to come!

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