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I am passionate about helping women & men master their energy to fully embody 

the Divine Feminine & Masculine power within them. Through this merging, you will experience Divine Neutrality and become the Higher Consciousness that will attract exactly what you require to live in alignment with your Highest Spiritual Potential.

Kundalini Yoga - Soul Awakening School

Kundalini is energy within you. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness which awakens this energy. It has the power to transform every part of your daily life.

It unites your Body-Mind-Soul and activates your full potential.

Soul Awakening School Mentorship Kundalini Yoga

If you are experiencing difficulty in your health, relationships, career or finances this is an indication that you are out of alignment with your Soul.

I'll support you to move beyond your limiting stories and into the truth of your Infinite Potential.



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