Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It awakens your full potential and has the power to transform every part of your daily life. It is known as the Raj Yoga, meaning “King Yoga”, because it includes all 22 forms of Yoga within it. Yoga means to unite.

It unites your Body-Mind-Soul.

It is the merging of your finite self with the Infinite Source of all Creation.

Kundalini Yoga meets you where you are at.

You are not required to be flexible, fit or change your beliefs to practice it. It is for everybody, and all ages. Known as the householders Yoga, Kundalini Yoga is for people with homes, families, jobs and relationships. It is great for beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga.

There are no levels in Kundalini Yoga. It could be your very first class and you have an advanced experience, or you you could be practicing for years and have a beginners experience. What you get out of the practice is relative to the effort you put into it.


Attending a group class is more powerful than practicing alone because everyone benefits from the collective energy in the room. The person with the highest effort and energy raises the vibration for all others present in the class.


Kundalini Yoga is the quickest way to align your body, mind and Soul. It works directly on your nervous system and glands to create optimal health, which helps you to deal with the every day stresses of the information age. It clears the subconscious mind and creates mental clarity. Kundalini Yoga is a deeply meditative practice that strengthens intuition.

Each class is 1.5 hours and consists of breathing, stretching, postures, movement, relaxation, meditation and the use of sound and rhythm. With over 8000 yoga and meditation sequences originally taught, each class offers specific health benefits to the practitioner.

While practicing we wear white clothing because it connects group consciousness and expands the aura one foot in each direction. We cover and wrap our heads to increase the flow of energy

into the pituitary and pineal gland, and the crown chakra.

This is recommended to experience enhanced benefits of the practice,

but not a requirement to attend class.


Kundalini Yoga releases the illusions of your suffering and false identifications, and uncovers your true essence, the Sat Nam, your True Identity.


Kundalini Yoga dates back more than 5000 years with its origins in India.

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